Angel Families of America

Welcome to Angel Families of America, where we strive to unite the family members
of victims of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants into a national
political activism effort.

We represent Americans of all races, political parties, states, and walks of life, who
have paid the ultimate price for America’s unenforced border and immigration laws.
We are a peaceful and racially inclusive organization that welcomes anyone in America
who would like to support our Angel Family members in their efforts to see American
citizens defended and protected from loss by the robust enforcement of our
existing borders and immigration laws.

-- Agnes Gibboney, Angel Mom

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Agnes Gibboney's Story

Agnes Gibboney is the founder of Angel Families of America and a legal immigrant and naturalized citizen of this great country. She raised her son, Ronald, as a single mother for several years before he was murdered by a previously deported illegal alien gang member in California in 2002.

Agnes is a retired educational assistant having worked with autistic and visually impaired children. She has always put her experiences to use to help others, and volunteered in classrooms as a team mom for youth sports, as a translator, as a counselor for battered women, for Citizen Patrol with Rancho Cucamonga Police Department, and she started a hospital support group for parents with children in the NICU.

Agnes Gibboney


Angel Families of America opposes any form of Amnesty for illegal immigrants, including the Dream Act Amnesty, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act Amnesty, immigration reform Amnesty, and Biden’s U.S. Citizenship Act Amnesty, because these will lead to more illegal immigration and more Americans harmed or killed by illegals. Instead, we support the full enforcement of America’s existing immigration and border laws which require illegals to be returned to their home countries.

Agnes Gibboney
Angel Families

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